SolarTricity’s Commitments include:

  • Data Logging
  • Solar Design & Installations of Grid Connect | Battery Back-up | Hybrid systems
  • Electrical installations & Repairs
  • Servicing & repairs of solar systems

Warranty & Insurance

With a liability insurance of 5 years in place, why would you not want to let us do your solar installation?  Not many solar installers can offer and guarantee a 5 year warranty, we can.

We also can offer a 4 tier warranty on our supplied products, this means that should anything happen to solartricity that our Supplier, Manufacturer and Chubb international insurance will keep your product warranty, you are in safe hands.

If you purchase a solar system at Solartricity, we supply you with a customer care pack after the installation is completed.  In the care pack you will find all the information on your solar system including but not limited to Photos of all serial numbers, panels inverter, wiring, ergon documentation regarding your IES and Form A, Product information and contact details and a service record manual.

Fully Licensed

As a solar & electricity company in Australia, we have to keep up with all new rules and regulations, and we do but we do go a bit further.  

We supply constant training to all our staff, we keep up to date with the latest updates and licenses, giving our employees the opportunity to use that knowledge to provide you with the best solar system for your needs.

As fully licensed, Clean energy council accredited  installers (CEC) Qualified as Electrical fitter and Electrical Mechanic in 1999, registered with Masters Electricians Australia, We are  fully licensed to Not only Supply but also to Install your solar system. Our installers is qualified to not only Design but also to install Solar, Grid connect, Stand-alone power systems and Hybrid Solar systems, giving you peace of mind that they know their stuff.


With SolarTricity, You have the advantage.  We are not locked into a specific product and we do not only provide specific products and information. We do it all!

We have the advantage of being in the solar industry since 2007 and completing installations for a wide range of other solar companies, hence dealing with all sorts of products, including panels, Inverters, Isolators and railing systems. Dealing with all the different bands and models gave us the edge what most other installers don’t have.

At SolarTricity we ONLY use brands that have a proven track record in renewable energy manufacturing. These are global leaders in our industry, constantly releasing product which is market leading and show a commitment to us and you as their customers.

We appreciate that each person have an opinion and therefore will like to accommodate yours, should you prefer a different product than what we recommend for your needs, We will supply you with whatever you want after we have informed you of our choices for you and also after we have informed you of the pros and cons on your prefer product.

SolaX Power Hybrid Series Inverter
SolaX Lithium Battery
Growatt ΜΤL